i vote we have an entire television channel dedicated to white people. just white people. that’s it.

can we do that

we should call it White Entertainment Television or WET

i say we do that

we can have award shows strictly for white people like no black people.

how many lawsuits do you think…

Literally every major cable channel is focused on white people, having one channel that gives black people visibility isn’t racism you twit.

White people literally have the whole thanksgiving feast but complain about someone having a spare ham bone.

i just think it’s silly. because if you cant realize that if we actually made a channel. and called it White people entertainment. People of color most likely would go ballistic. That’s what im trying to get at here. That’s my point. Most tv stations have shows with black people. They do. And you know they do They try. We try. We aren’t saying no way to black people. We may have a lot of white people on our shows but that does not in any way mean…..fuck i lost my train of thought. all im trying to say is i watched BET this weekend just like oh hey fuck it lets watch it and in 2 days i did not see one single white person. i can garuantee you that if you went onto MTV or ABC famliy or any of those, you would see at least 1 black person in 2 days. okay? that’s my point. im just saying this…this is just 1 opinion okay….

Why don’t you just admit you’re uncomfortable with Black people having their own space you fucking cracker ass honky? :)


but im not…. hun why are you getting so upset? obviously my post wasn’t serious at all, i said hahaa omg lol and shit like cmon……. my point. again for the 542495843902 time. is that i believe if we had a tv channel, named, and dedicated to white people, there would be a lot of drama and talk and it would just be a lot of shit going around. thats what im saying. I don’t care that they have a channel what im saying is if WHITE people had a channel like i said i feel like there would be sooo many lawsuits and shit. 

You literally don’t get it no matter how much to convince yourself you do.

Every major channel (besides BET which is owned by white people) caters to white people. You don’t need a WET because you already have all of mainstream broadcasting, but white people are seen as the “norm” in this society so it’s not labeled that.

As othering as it is to have a BET it is NOT RACIST, we have to create our own spaces because white people barely/never want us in spaces that will give us any type decent of visibility.

Y’all have a whole thanksgiving dinner in from of you, but continue to worry about black people having a spare ham bone.


white people own BET

BET hasn’t been “black” since the 90’s. 

Do you want a cookie? 
You won white folks 

You have successfully colonized cable. 

The only channel you don’t have is Centric. Lord cover Centric in the name of Jesus

but….there are so many black shows. it’s still black even if it has a white owner…..right….RIGHT AM I RIGHT TELL ME IM RIGHT DAMN IT

this mayo wonderbread bitch

No you are not

sit down

be quiet






what’s up with everyone needing to insult me to feel better about their arugments like im sorry i dont agree with you you don’t see me calling you a dirt colored twat now do you. im seriously sick of this fucking shit i did nothing wrong stating my opinion and multiple fucking times i have said that im fine with BET existing. so fuck off just oh my god just are you serious? calm the fuck down and YOU sit down. seriously shut the fuck up. it’s a television station and i said if we had a white version it would be considered racist get the fuck over it seriously. 

You’re not a victim

you are indeed a racist

stay your in lane. You entered into a conversation that had nothing to do with you racist, basic, 365 cracker view. 

then you had no facts to support your racist opinion

let’s not that one pass you, your opinions can be racist. 

I’m not sure why you are following me. You know what my blog is about and yet you are still here. 

This blog is not for you. 

you want some one to hold your hand and agree to your becky bullshit go to a Lifetime message board. Black tumblr is not here for you. 


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